On the “Trail of the Eagle Nests and the Jurasic Fortresses”, now the site of Imbramowice, located about 32 kilometers northwest of Cracow and the scenic banks of the Dłubnia River there is a group of antique buildings. These comprise the Monastery of the Sister Canonesses Regular of the Order of Prémontré commonly known in Poland as Norbertines – named after the founder Saint Norbert. The Imbramowice Monastery is listed among the oldest monasteries of nuns in Poland. It is one of the last two functioning norbertine monasteries in Poland, and is a rare and exceptionally precious treasure of centuries-old spiritual and cultural hierlooms of the Norbertine Order in Poland. On November 30, 2003 the monastery church was officially designated as Regional Sanctuary of the Passion of our Lord.

     Now it is becoming evermore a sign of the mercifull action of our Suffering Lord, venerated here in his miraculous 19th century Image.